— Volume VI No. 2: May 2010 —

No Dark Corners: A Different Answer to Insider Threats


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Nick Catrantzos

Nick Catrantzos manages security for a large public steward of critical infrastructure. The sole California representative to serve on three successive federal panels on drinking water infrastructure, Catrantzos was recognized in 2007 with the Donald R. Boyd Award of the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies for dedication to measure security progress in the water sector that "is a very significant contribution to water systems throughout the country." Catrantzos earned a master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security, where he received the outstanding thesis award. Catrantzos once worked for a discreet arm of public service, and has divided thirty years of intelligence and security experience between the public and private sectors. He spent many years managing adverse consequences. Now he concentrates on preventing them. He may be reached via www.NoDarkCorners.com which links to his blog, http://all-secure.blogspot.com, where he discusses issues of moment.

An adversary making a frontal attack can be anticipated or repulsed. An adversary attacking from within, however, cannot be so readily countered. This article presents findings of research that used a Delphi method to uncover flaws in traditional defenses against hostile insiders and point the way to new, counterintuitive defenses. The findings explain how infiltrators pose a greater threat than disgruntled insiders. Recommended defenses shape the contours of a No Dark Corners approach that applies and extends seminal theories of Newman’s Defensible Space and Kelling’s Fixing Broken Windows. No Dark Corners replaces a laser with a flashlight. The laser is a narrow beam of workplace monitoring only by corporate sentinels. The flashlight is a broader beam of employee engagement on the front lines, at the team level. There are no easy answers. No Dark Corners addresses gaps in traditional insider defenses to deliver the victory of ownership over surprise.

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Catrantzos, Nick. “No Dark Corners: A Different Answer to Insider Threats.” Homeland Security Affairs 6, issue 2 (May 2010)