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Never Any Doubt: A Resilient America


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Tom Ridge

Tom Ridge served as the 43rd governor of Pennsylvania before becoming the nation's first assistant to the president for Homeland Security in 2001 and, in January 2003, the first secretary of the newly created US Department of Homeland Security. Ridge is now founder and CEO of Ridge Global, an international security and risk management firm, headquartered in Washington, DC.

Former DHS Secretary Tom Ridge reminds us of the dangers of complacency and that “ten years is enough time to know that in the next ten years, the fight will still be with us.” He also reminds us that as new threats surface our tools, policies and security strategies must continue to evolve. “Because after taking fifty years to win the Cold War, while we emerged as the lone superpower, we were also left with a stockpile of weapons, tactics, and diplomatic relationships that were of little utility in the new security environment.”

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Ridge, Tom. “Never Any Doubt: A Resilient America.” Homeland Security Affairs 7, 10 Years After: The 9/11 Essays (September 2011)