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Progress Toward a More Secure and Resilient Nation


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Janet Napolitano

Secretary Janet Napolitano has led the Department of Homeland Security since 2009. Prior to this appointment Secretary Napolitano was serving her second term as governor of Arizona and was recognized as a national leader in homeland security, border security, and immigration.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano looks at how the past ten years have “made us smarter about the kind of threats we face, and how best to deal with them,” focusing on the strategy of local hometown security as a key to making our communities and the nation safer in the future. She makes the argument that, “…more and more often, state, local, and tribal law enforcement officers – and their community partners – are best positioned to uncover the first signs of terrorist activity.”

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Napolitano, Janet. “Progress Toward a More Secure and Resilient Nation.” Homeland Security Affairs 7, 10 Years After: The 9/11 Essays (September 2011)