File Formats

Beginning with Volume 7 (2011), Homeland Security Affairs began offering new articles in mobi (or mobipocket) and ePUB formats. If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app, select the mobi format. If you have another reader or reader app, use the ePUB.

Q. How do you get the files?
A. At the top of each abstract and article page, you'll find a list of format options. You can read the article online (html) or download it as a pdf or as one of the ereader formats. Simply navigate to the article you want and select the format to download to your computer.

Q. How do you get the files to your device?
A. There are several ways to do this depending on your hardware and software configurations, but here are some easy tips for common cases. Download the file and drag it to your iTunes book library. When you sync your iPad or iPod, the ePUB version will show up in your iBooks app. You can also email yourself a copy of the file and then open the attachment in ibooks from the email application. If you download the mobi file, just plug your Kindle into your computer and drag the file over to the Kindle icon. If you want to read the mobi file on your computer and you have the Kindle app, simply open the file.