Essays, Reviews & Letters

February 2014 - Volume X
Preparedness Revisited: W(h)ither PPD-8?
- Jerome H. Kahan
February 2014 - Volume X
Hybrid Targeted Violence: Challenging Conventional "Active Shooter" Response Strategies
- Tracy L. Frazzano and G. Matthew Snyder
August 2013 - Volume IX
Supply Chain Resilience: Diversity + Self-organization = Adaptation
- Philip Palin
August 2013 - Volume IX
Ami J. Abou-bakr, Managing Disasters through Public-Private Partnerships (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2013)
- Austen D. Givens
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Research Articles

February 2014 - Volume X
Towards a Unified Homeland Security Strategy: An Asset Vulnerability Model
- Richard White
August 2013 - Volume IX
Enabling Public Safety Priority Use of Commercial Wireless Networks
- Ryan Hallahan and Jon M. Peha
June 2013 - Volume IX
There's a Pattern Here: The Case to Integrate Environmental Security into Homeland Security Strategy
- James D. Ramsay and Terrence M. O'Sullivan
February 2013 - Volume IX
Ending America’s Energy Insecurity: Why Electric Vehicles Should Drive the United States to Energy Independence
- Fred Stein
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Risk Methods and Models
- Ted G. Lewis, January 2014

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