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From the CHDS Theses Executive Summaries

Outstanding Thesis Award Winner, September 2023

Beyond the Border: The Impact of Flawed Migration Strategies in South and Central America on U.S. Immigration

The rising volume of irregular migrants poses a significant challenge for the U.S. government. Although irregular migrants were once composed predominantly of Mexican and Central American nationals, the makeup of contemporary migrant flows has become significantly more diverse. Increasingly, migrants, particularly families and unaccompanied minors, are challenging the capacities of the U.S. immigration system. To tackle ongoing irregular migration challenges, the United States must intensify its diplomatic engagement with South and Central American nations, encouraging them to proactively manage and redirect migratory flows instead of merely passing them onward. Concurrently, the United States must overhaul its current immigration framework, shifting from antiquated policies and legislation to a U.S. immigration system attuned to present-day migration challenges.

By Bobby Garcia

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