Notes from the Editor Volume XIV

The January 2018 Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features a research article analyzing the security risks associated with ISIS cadres returning from the battlefield to their home countries, an essay analyzing the state of the maritime security regime for containerized cargo, and an essay reviewing an important new book on using intervention to counter violent extremism and prevent recruitment into terrorist groups.

In “Defected from ISIS or Simply Returned?—Challenges for the West in Dealing with Returning Foreign Fighters,” Anne Speckhard, Ardian Shajkovci, and Ahmet Yayla share insights, derived from extensive interviews, on the radicalization process and the recidivist threat posed by ISIS cadres who have left the battlefield and returned to their home countries.

In “Improving Maritime Transportation Security in Response to Industry Consolidation,” Nick Monacelli, analyzes the effects of industry consolidation on the containerized cargo security regime, and proposes ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

In the final essay, Caitlyn Ambrozik reviews Preventing and Countering Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment: A Best Practices Guide by Hanif Qadir (Melton, Woodbridge: John Catt Educational Ltd., 2016).

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