Volume XV Notes from the Editor

The May 2019 Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features  an essay which examines shortcomings in FEMA’s ability to manage civil defense and wartime defense mobilization missions which could seriously hinder the ability of the U.S. to prevail in a great power war and a research article which proposes an insurance-based system for promoting more corporate investment in cyber security.

In How FEMA Could Lose America’s Next Great War, Quinton Lucie analyzes serious gaps in FEMA’s ability to carry out crucial wartime Civil Defense and defense mobilization missions, and provides a roadmap for closing those gaps.

In Incentivizing Cyber Security Investment in the Power Sector Using an Extended Cyber Insurance Framework, Jack Rosson, Mason Rice, Juan Lopez, and David Fass present a framework for using cyber-insurance to incentivize greater private sector investment in cyber security.


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