Volume XVII Notes from The Editor

April 2021 Issue

The April 2021 Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features an essay analyzing how intentional violent attacks complicate response to mass casualty incidents (MCIs), a research article examining the leadership skills required by senior military officials during domestic crisis-disaster response operations, and a research article that examines the relationship between risk reduction and deterrence in defending critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) networks.

In “How Violent Attacks Are Changing The Demands of Mass Casualty Incidents: A Review of The Challenges Associated with Intentional Mass Casualty Incidents, “ Luke Hodgson examines how intentional violent attacks greatly complicate the response to MCIs, and recommends changes to MCI protocol for medical first responders. In “Senior Military Leadership in Domestic Operations: An Exploratory Study,” William Denny explores the challenges that Senior Military Officers face when they are asked to lead during responses to domestic crisis disasters, and identifies key leadership skills that are needed during such responses. In “Risk Reduction and Deterrence: Two Sides of the Same Coin?”  Eric Taquechel uses formal models to help officials charged with defending CIKR networks think about the relationship between risk reduction and deterrence as they formulate their defensive plans and courses of action.

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