Editor’s Notes for Volume III

Welcome to Volume Three of Pracademic Affairs! We are back with another installment of this exciting forum for practitioners and practitioner-scholars and are grateful for the many submissions we received for this issue.

In “Incorporating Disability, Accessibility, and Functional Needs Populations in Hospital Emergency Planning: A New York City Case Study,” Dr. Rosemary McDonnell expands on her previous work examining the extent of the impact on resources and support that populations who possess these vulnerabilities may receive in disasters.

As the world continues to assess the multi-faceted response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Prasad argues that emergency management should not be at the forefront of such events in “Global Pandemics are Extinction-level Events and Should not be Coordinated Solely through National or Jurisdictional Emergency Management.”

In “Examining Trends, Impacts, Drivers, and Policy Implications of Active School Shooter Incidents: A Research Overview,” Mollie Mercado explores the gaps and opportunities in the current research approach to this ever-present threat. 

Finally, Pracademic Affairs remains committed to publishing work that addresses the current state of emergency management, homeland security, and security management issues at the practitioner-scholar, or “Pracademic,” level. We welcome submissions at any time and will begin the review process as manuscripts are received. For additional submission information please visit https://www.hsaj.org/pracademicaffairs/submission-guidelines.

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