Notes from the Editor

The December 2020 Special COVID Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features eleven essays which chronicle agency and jurisdictional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lessons learned thus far.  The essays focus on how agencies or jurisdictions changed their operations to deal more effectively with the pandemic, as well as how the conditions of the pandemic constrained normal agency operations. Read more.

COVID-19 Special Issue

COVID-19 Special Issue

Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Response vs. Homeland Security Frameworks and Research: Masking the Whole Community

This essay offers an intermediate discussion of select policy, strategic, operational, and tactical issues that demonstrate where and how the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s novel coronavirus response on the one hand, and homeland security frameworks and research on the other, converge or—more often so—diverge, and how to narrow this gap.

By Alexander Siedschlag

Wearables: Useful Sentinels of Our Health?

As the Coast Guard seeks short-term ways to protect its members from COVID-19 exposure and long-term strategies to facilitate the development of a more resilient workforce, wearables may provide a supplemental advantage worth their financial investment, though more study is necessary to validate their utility toward that end.

By Matthew S. Austin

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