Notes from the Editor

The May 2023 Issue of Homeland Security Affairs features a policy essay that warns of conflicts between Emergency Management and Homeland Defense missions in the event of a major war and a research article that assesses how DHS has incorporated climate change into its mission portfolio. Read more.

Homeland Security Affairs

Homeland Security Affairs

Tom Mackin reviews Ted Lewis, Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security: Defending a Networked Nation

Prior to Lewis’ work, infrastructure topics were siloed and missing any descriptive framework that could answer the question of “What is critical in critical infrastructure protection?” Lewis offered the first comprehensive overview of the systems problem associated with this question. 

By Tom Mackin

Caleb Cage reviews Deserai Crow and Elizabeth Albright, Community Disaster Recovery: Moving from Vulnerability to Resilience

Crow and Albright accomplish something that scholars have seldom achieved in the history of disaster studies: they have provided both valuable practical recommendations for local disaster leaders, and also fresh theoretical and empirical research on the subject of resilience.

By Caleb Cage

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