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The December 2022 issue of Homeland Security Affairs contains a research article which applies theories of biased decision-making to deterring attacks on maritime infrastructure and an essay which reviews a groundbreaking new book on counterterrorism. Read more.

Homeland Security Affairs

Homeland Security Affairs

Chris Bellavita reviews Arjen Boin, Paul ‘t Hart, Eric Stern, and Bengt Sundelius, The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure

The book contains lessons from crisis leaders and from scholars who have studied major crises in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. It is a resource for people who want to prepare to lead during a crisis.

By Christopher Bellavita

South of the Border: Legal and Privacy Underpinnings of Canadian and U.S. Approaches to Police Video Usage

This article utilizes modern privacy theory to examine the differing approaches of Canadian and U.S. law enforcement to the use of camera technology and advancing video analytics. The article documents the deployment of camera technology in two comparably-sized urban centers in Canada and the U.S.

By Shawna Coxon and Don Zoufal

How Violent Attacks Are Changing The Demands of Mass Casualty Incidents: A Review of The Challenges Associated with Intentional Mass Casualty Incidents

Antagonistically induced mass casualty incidents (MCI) introduce unique conditions that are rarely addressed in current MCI policies. Many of today’s MCIs are intentional acts of violence, such as mass shootings, improvised explosions, mass stabbings, vehicle rammings, and other similar assault tactics.

By Luke Hodgson

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