Volume VIII

Volume VIII

Waiting For Homeland Security Theory

Where is the theory supporting the academic discipline of homeland security? Does homeland security need a single unifying theory? Does the lack of a “grand” theory mean the discipline lacks conceptual precision?

By Christopher Bellavita

Perceptual Framing of Homeland Security

This article analyzes the phenomenon of homeland security through the development of four conceptual lenses that were created out of the existing literatures in criminal justice, public administration, organization behavior, risk management, international relations, and the overlap between them.

By Linda Kiltz and James D. Ramsay

A Maritime Threat Assessment of Sea Based Criminal Organizations and Terrorist Operations

This article reviews the United States Department of Defense, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies’ use of the Maritime Strategic Doctrine and the Drug Trafficking Vessel Interdiction Act to combat drug smuggling vessels and boats during counter-drug smuggling operations.

By Terrance G. Lichtenwald, Mara H. Steinhour, and Frank S. Perri

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