Volume X

Volume X

EMS and Homeland Security

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital partner in everyday emergency response and in homeland security. To date EMS has not been included in most homeland security activities and EMS needs to expand its role in this enterprise.

By Mac Kemp

Leveraging Emergency Notification Alerts

This essay argues for the importance of either creating a new alert system or changing the criteria of the current Emergency Alert System. Such an alert system is critical in assisting emergency managers and law enforcement personnel with communicating safety and security concerns.

By Michael Leiva

Preparedness Revisited: W(h)ither PPD-8?

The most important purpose of Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-8) on national preparedness is to establish a foundation that can be adapted to and utilized by stakeholders of all kinds and at all public and private levels.

By Jerome H. Kahan

Hybrid Targeted Violence: Challenging Conventional “Active Shooter” Response Strategies

Hybrid Targeted Violence (HTV) is defined as an intentional use of force to cause physical injury or death to a specifically identified population using multifaceted conventional weapons and tactics. This article introduces the HTV concept to challenge first responders to prepare for violent “hybrid” multi-threat incidents.

By Tracy L. Frazzano and G. Matthew Snyder

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