Volume XIV

Volume XIV

Risk-Based Performance Metrics for Critical Infrastructure Protection? A Framework for Research and Analysis

Measuring things that do not occur, such as “deterred” or “prevented” terrorist attacks, can be difficult. Efforts to establish meaningful risk-based performance metrics and performance evaluation frameworks based on such metrics, for government agencies with counterterrorism missions, are arguably in a nascent state.

By Eric F. Taquechel and Marina Saitgalina

Defected from ISIS or Simply Returned, and for How Long?– Challenges for the West in Dealing with Returning Foreign Fighters

Many of the 38,000 foreign fighters ISIS has managed to attract to Syria and Iraq will return home. As increasing numbers of ISIS cadres flee the battlefield, some as defectors and others as returnees still aligned with ISIS’ goals and ideology, the challenges for the West will be how to identify and sort out true defectors from returnees, and determine if they are at risk to support again or rejoin a terrorist group.

By Anne Speckhard, Ardian Shajkovci, and Ahmet S. Yayla

Book Review: Preventing and Countering Extremism and Terrorist Recruitment: A Best Practice Guide by Hanif Qadir

A parent logs into a child’s computer and a chat room window pops up on the screen. The parent starts scrolling through the chat history and realizes that the child was speaking to an ISIS recruiter. In this hypothetical situation, the child has not conducted any crime, yet the parent is worried. What should the parent do?

Reviewed by Caitlin Ambrozik

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