Volume XIII Notes from the Editor

The June 2017 Issue contains an essay which analyzes and critiques current critical infrastructure protection policy as it relates to the threat from terrorist attacks, and a research article which explores the impact of ‘smart device’ technology and social media on crisis management efforts. In “The Cold War on Terrorism: Reevaluating Critical Infrastructure Facilities as Targets for

Notes from the Editor (Vol. X)

Download the full issue June 2014 Two essays publishing this month expand the debate over the emergency response aspect of homeland security. Mac Kemp argues that emergency medical services are a vital component of homeland security and as such the role of EMS needs to be expanded. In “EMS and Homeland Security” he recommends five

Notes from the Editor (Vol. IX)

Download the full issue. August 2013 Current contributors to Homeland Security Affairs address the intersection of public and private interests and how that intersection can influence homeland security. Ryan Hallahan and Jon M. Peha look at how commercial broadband networks could be made available to public safety users as a means of increasing the capacity

Notes from the Editor (Vol. VIII)

Download the full issue. October 2012 The two articles publishing this month in Homeland Security Affairs look at ways of strengthening the homeland security mission by integrating emerging technologies and partnerships. In “Public-Private Partnerships in Homeland Security: Opportunities and Challenges,” Nathan E. Busch and Austen D. Givens attempt to fill the gap in homeland security

Notes from the Editor (Vol. VII)

Download the full issue. December 2011 The articles published in December 2011 look at the future of homeland security and suggest a new method for assessing past effectiveness. Rapid advances in technology have created a highly disruptive environment for homeland security, empowering small groups or individuals in new and unpredictable ways. Responding to the power

Notes from the Editor

Notes from the Editor Homeland Security Affairs (HSA) is pleased to present this special collection of essays in remembrance of the ten-year anniversary of September 11, 2001. We chose to honor those who lost their lives that tragic day, as well as those whose lives were forever impacted, by reflecting on the homeland security lessons

Notes from the Editor (Vol. V, Iss. 3)

Download the full issue.The overarching theme of this issue of Homeland Security Affairs is response – to public health emergencies, natural and man-made disasters, threats of nuclear attack, and the messages of terrorists. One essay and one short-form article offer suggestions for improving response to public health emergencies. Christine Bradshaw and Thomas Bartenfeld contend that