Pracademic Affairs Volume I Editor’s Notes

Inaugural Editor’s Notes from the Co-Editors of Pracademic Affairs Welcome to the inaugural issue of Pracademic Affairs!  We are thrilled to bring this forum to practitioners and practitioner-scholars to have a place, as our mission states, to provide emergency management and homeland security practitioners a welcoming platform to write, explore, analyze, and examine real-world critical

Federal Agencies and Governmental Partnerships in Public Health Emergency Management: Implications for Continued COVID-19 Preparedness and Response

By Kevin L. Pohlman, David S. Markenson, Abigail Marriott, Jake Feingold, Jason Kreinces, Jonah Lowenstein, Rajkumar Pammal and Sacha Roberts Abstract The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has tested the global governmental and public agency response to pandemic emergencies with regard to a number of areas. This essay focuses on major agency involvement in the United

Building Healthcare Resiliency through Employee Personal Preparedness

By Lindsay Hammer and Meghan McPherson Abstract Hospital Emergency Departments are at the forefront of disaster response. It is increasingly important to provide health care workers with the resources and support to achieve emergency personal preparedness at home, so they can respond to emergencies while ensuring continuity of care and patient safety. The purpose of

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2021 and Beyond

By William Rials Abstract This article provides an overview of the cybersecurity landscape and how it was dramatically shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it provides a look into the future with the top 10 cybersecurity trends and predictions for 2021 and beyond. The pandemic response caused massive disruptions to the way we

Implementing Space Technology and Innovations into Homeland Security and Emergency Management Operations and Activities

By Arthur Simental, Tina Bynum and John Holst Abstract Space capabilities, technology, applications, and services represent the forefront of technological development for the homeland security enterprise. Space capabilities and technological innovations are emerging technologies that are shaping and redefining homeland security, emergency management and response operations. These technologies are redefining how we approach emergency operations