Enabling Public Safety Priority Use of Commercial Wireless Networks

Ryan Hallahan and Jon M. Peha ABSTRACT: By providing public safety users with roaming access to commercial broadband networks on a priority basis, it’s possible to increase the capacity, coverage, and reliability beyond what’s possible with dedicated public safety networks alone. This article quantifies the advantages with respect to capacity, showing that by establishing multiple

Visa Diplomacy vs. Visa Security

James Hernandez ABSTRACT: This article presents an analysis of the current policy governing the visa issuing function (currently divided between the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State) and proposes a policy under which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assumes operational and tactical level control of the visa issuing function from the

There’s a Pattern Here: The Case to Integrate Environmental Security into Homeland Security Strategy

James D. Ramsay and Terrence M. O’Sullivan ABSTRACT: The time is long overdue to acknowledge that global climate and resource stresses, encompassed by the concept of environmental security (ES), are an increasingly important part of “homeland” security (HS) study and practice, by even the most restricted definitions of HS. Environmental security issues will affect global