A Rising Tide Floats All Boats, but Drowns Infrastructure: The Impact of Sea Level Rise on America’s Maritime Infrastructure

Michael Sullivan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY America’s maritime ports play a critical role in supporting domestic and international trade. They facilitate the movement of goods across all economic sectors and contribute trillions of dollars to the gross domestic product. In 2018, U.S. ports directly contributed 2.2 million jobs and $5.4 trillion in economic activity, representing approximately 26

Climate Security: A Pre-Mortem Approach to a Sustainable Global Future

By John Comiskey and Michael Larrañaga Abstract Climate change is a viable threat to U.S. homeland security and is likely the most significant risk facing humanity. A consensus of the scientific community concludes that climate change is occurring, is relatively irreversible, and that aggressive mitigation of climate-change drivers is necessary. Climate-change impacts include surface-air temperature