Developing a Shared Service Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capability for Regional Emergency Services

Thomas Lakamp EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have evolved over the last century from rudimentary tethered balloons to electronically advanced aircraft that can be piloted using a cellular telephone. As a result of this evolution, the UAV has found its way into the field of emergency services and has proven itself as an advantageous

Lessons From Fukushima: Relocation and Recovery from Nuclear Catastrophe

Gerilee Wohlschlegel Bennett EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nana korobi ya oki—Fall seven times, stand up eight. —Japanese proverb INTRODUCTION Four years later, Japan is still struggling to recover from the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant meltdown that struck March 11, 2011. Any one of these disasters would have challenged seasoned leaders with a well-designed