Parity Avoidance: A Proactive Analysis of the Obsolescence of the Third Offset Strategy

Aaron Wellman EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This thesis answers the question: How can the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) determine if the Third Offset Strategy is obsolete? Within the DoD, offset strategies are policies of competition that mandate efforts to maintain technological superiority to generate or sustain a strategic advantage over near-peer competitor adversaries of the state.

Remaining Relevant: Historical Contributions, Civil-Military Challenges, and Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities on Coast Guard Cutters

Brian Smicklas EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since 1790, U.S. Coast Guard major cutters have contributed to the national and military objectives of the United States yet the service has struggled with enduring civil–military challenges. These challenges have compelled the Coast Guard to accumulate a multitude of missions while diluting the lethality of major cutters and their contribution

The DSCA Corps: Bridging the Gap between the Profession of Arms and Domestic Operations

Nicholas Winters EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The system that facilitates Department of Defense (DOD) support of civil authorities during homeland security emergencies requires that local, state, and federal civilian resources be exhausted or in danger of exhaustion before DOD support can be provided. This system and its authorities are outlined in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and