Carolyn Halladay reflects on the impact of Jaime Lier Chen’s CHDS thesis, “Muted Voices: Toward an Understanding of the U.S. Asylum Program at the Southwest Border.”

By Carolyn Halladay Jaime Lier Chen crafted her thesis amid a great deal of shouting. The 2020 presidential election campaign was at full volume. Stentorian outrage attended all sides of all issues at the U.S. southern border, the broad subject of Jaime’s work. Crowds of people raised their voices, whether in demonstrations in response to

Reforming U.S. Immigration Policy: A Case for Merit-Based Immigration?

Daisy Garza EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Family reunification has long been a central goal of U.S. immigration policy. While other comparable countries, such as Canada, prefer to admit individuals based on their skills, the United States accepts more individuals due to family ties than any other immigrant visa category. Family-based immigration does not screen potential immigrants for