How Violent Attacks Are Changing The Demands of Mass Casualty Incidents: A Review of The Challenges Associated with Intentional Mass Casualty Incidents

By Luke Hodgson Abstract Antagonistically induced mass casualty incidents (MCI) introduce unique conditions that are rarely addressed in current MCI policies. Many of today’s MCIs are intentional acts of violence, such as mass shootings, improvised explosions, mass stabbings, vehicle rammings, and other similar assault tactics. Not only have the methods changed, so too have the

Two Teams, One Mission: A Study Using EMS Units in Hospital Triage during Active-Shooter and Other Mass-Casualty Events

Thomas Simons EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hospital planners generally assume that the majority of patients from a mass-casualty event will have received some sort of field triage, that transport from the scene to the hospital will have been coordinated through on-scene incident command, and that hospitals will have received some sort of notification of incoming patients. Recent