A Business of Security: Applying an Economic Model to Human Trafficking in Oregon

Thanh Vo EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Human trafficking is undoubtedly a horrid, vile crime that exploits vulnerable people into forced sex or labor. Therefore, it is unsurprising that human trafficking is known as modern day slavery. Criminals and crime organizations all over the world are engaged in human trafficking, making it the fastest growing crime worldwide, second

Disaster Threat and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Jeffrey Siems EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Decision making is a cognitive process of selecting a course of action or belief among multiple alternative choices. Each decision results in a sequence of behaviors or activities the decider deems satisfactory, beneficial, or in her or his best interest.[1] However, disasters can create chaos, wickedness, and pressures of time or

Missing the Mark: Is NIMS ICS Training Achieving Its Goal?

Eric Seibel EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Incident Command System (ICS) was designed in the 1970s to handle large-scale incidents, with its first incarnation developed to battle wildfires in California. The National Wildland Coordinating Group remains a staunch example of the system’s ability to effectively handle large-scale incidents. The Phoenix Fire Department saw the advantages of ICS

A DHS Skunkworks Project: Defining & Addressing Homeland Security Grand Challenges

  Calvin Bowman Executive Summary     This thesis analyzes the current and future capacity of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) to define and address homeland security grand challenges. The method of analysis is a structured focused comparison of three case studies: XPRIZE, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),

A Visual Language for Situational Awareness

David DEmarco EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Can responders from various disciplines communicate situational awareness more effectively during homeland security incidents? Homeland security incidents vary widely in type and scale, from minor local events contained within one jurisdiction to major events that might span local, regional, and state boundaries. Responder’s decisions must be supported by the best possible

Protection, Profit, or Privacy: Exploring Strategic Solutions for Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the Delicate Balance Between Commercial Opportunity and Public Safety .

Brian Lee EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION The age of innovation and technology is upon us and continues to shape our world as we know it in awe inspiring ways. As new technologies are discovered and developed, society demands that creative and innovative methods be identified to facilitate the integration of this newfound technology into our daily