About Pracademic Affairs


To provide emergency management and homeland security practitioners a welcoming platform to write, explore, analyze, and examine real-world critical lessons learned to improve the resilience of our communities.


Since its inception as an educational discipline almost twenty years ago, a perceived gap has existed between the academic and practitioner roles within emergency management and homeland security (EM/HS) areas.  These fields uniquely draw from operational experience and scholarship to promote research, enrich academic programs, and remain relevant to EM/HS practitioners.  It is the convergence of practice and academics that ironically identifies a gap in the literature to reflect this blended evolution.

The “practitioner-scholar,” or Pracademic, relies upon a combination of art and science of our fields.  This reflected in both rigorous research and the peer-to-peer sharing of lessons learned and best practices.

Currently, practitioners with extensive and valuable knowledge do not have a supportive platform to exchange ideas employing a published journal format.  Academic publication stipulations often discourage professionals in the field from submitting articles.  Constructed barriers then impede the opportunities of practitioners to write, analyze, and share critical lessons learned with the larger resilience community.  While blog entries, informal reports, and trade publications offer avenues for publishing, these formats may not convey these important perspectives in the most impactful or timely manner.

By leveraging eJournals as a modern option for publishing and promoting pracademic content, and in partnership with CHDS’ Homeland Security Affairs Journal, important work performed every day in our communities will find a new audience and platform to foster collaboration and success.

It is for these reasons, Pracademic Affairs is founded.  We hope that this new eJournal can bring a voice to operators and elevate the pracademic’s role in making our communities safer.

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